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The Cyclone Label Applicator is designed and assembled in house. This applicator first filled a need to label singulated cucumbers with a small bar coded label.

Today, this labeler has been improved and adapted to apply PSA labels to a variety of product and mediums. These include plastic clamshells, mushroom pacs, double and triple packed cucumbers, boxes, flower pots etc. The size of labels range from ¾" wide to over 3" wide

The Cyclone Label Applicator is driven by a powerful, high torque stepper motor and an innovative drive assembly. Through integration with a PLC and high speed detection sensors, the Cyclone can achieve a high degree of repeatability and reliability. In certain applications, this labeler has speed capabilities of over 200 labels per minute continuously.

The Cyclone is robust in construction and utilizes aluminum and stainless material for a high strength to weight ratio.

Download the Cyclone label applicator operation instructions (Adobe PDF format).